Teamwork propels Logano

Joey Logano
Joey Logano

With a little over a week before the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series heads to Texas Motor Speedway, track officials held their annual media day.

As part of those festivities, driver Joey Logano took some time to answer questions on Penske, safer barriers, Jeff Gordon and more.

â-  How good of a start has it been for Penske in IndyCar and NASCAR?

"Obviously it was a great start for the Indy Cars. Last week, all six of our cars in the top five in all the races run over the weekend was pretty special. For Team Penske to be able to do that is a big deal.

"We didn't quite get the win we wanted at Martinsville, but we were close, and that was something to be proud of. Hopefully we can continue that momentum throughout the season."

â-  How are the safer barriers at Texas Motor Speedway?

"I can't say that I've walked the race track at Texas and looked at it. I do believe that every wall should be a safer barrier. I think we should really look at where openings are and make sure our tracks are as safe as they can be.

"I feel like the investment of putting in safer barriers is fairly small considering how bad it can be. I think the tracks are doing a good job. The tracks are taking this note seriously.

"We've shown that there might be an area on a racetrack that's never been hit, but if you look at Kyle's crash, we find those spots."

â-  Do you feel like you're becoming more of a fan favorite?

"Sometimes. The good thing is they are making noise. Some of them love me, some of them hate me, but at least they are saying something. To me, that's the tell-all when they introduce you — how many cheers you get or how many boos you get, basically how much noise you get.

"As long as they are making noise, I'm happy. I've heard other drivers say that before, and it's true. When you walk out and it's quiet, it's a lonely feeling."

â-  Does Brad Keselowski get unfairly criticized for making aggressive moves?

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the way they see things go down. We have very passionate fans. Fans support their driver, and I think that's a good thing that we have in our sport. I never want to change that.

"That being said, they're never going to agree with everything you do. If you're not their driver, whatever you did would be wrong, and that's OK."

â-  What's it been like growing up watching Jeff Gordon and now getting to race against him in his final season?

"It's been really cool. I'm sure thousands of other kids dream about racing against Jeff Gordon for a win. When you're 6 years old, you can't help your mind. I remember that part and having all his gear and all that 24 stuff.

"Now you race against him, which is a different story. It's cool to race against your childhood hero. Last year, at Texas, to be able to pass him for the win like that was a really cool moment. I couldn't have chosen anyone to race against like that again."

â-  What is it about being on Penske that has allowed you to become more consistent?

"Teamwork, for one thing, is something that has been really big. I think the way Brad (Keselowski) and I work together is very important. All of us working together with a global view of things is making us faster, on the 22 team in particular. The way Todd (Gordon) and I work together, we really dissect everything that's going on through each race. We try to learn from our mistakes, and each time we go to a race track we are becoming better. I think we've seen those results.

"The first six months I got to Team Penske, it was a fast race here, a slow race here, a fast race here, a slow race here and it was hit or miss. I feel like we've learned from those mistakes. We are consistently fast at all these types of racetracks. When we have a weakness, we identify it."

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