DTM modifies DRS rules

To provide the motor-racing enthusiasts on site and the TV audience even more overtaking maneuvers and door-to-door battles, DTM has enhanced both the sporting and technical regulations for the 2015 season that will be kicked-off on the first weekend in May. All the innovations were introduced with just one goal: to provide the spectators even more attractive motor racing and perfect entertainment, with the safety level remaining as the extremely high as it used to be.

Several weeks ago it was decided that the DTM meetings will feature two races, in the future, with one being held on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Thanks to this new format, the spectators will witness twice as many races as before and in addition, there also will be qualifying sessions on both days, promising to be extremely intense and thrilling due to their duration of just 20 minutes. And further innovations make DTM even more spectator-friendly and clear than it used to be anyway.

The times of two different tire compounds that had to be used in a race are history. The softer option tires won’t be used any more. From 2015, all the qualifying sessions and races will be contested on a control tire supplied by DTM’s long-term tire partner Hankook. This makes the course of the race clearer and easier to understand for the spectators, with the spectacular obligatory pit stop remaining a part of the equation, nevertheless.

The number of the tire sets available for a car in dry conditions for the two qualifying sessions and the two races will be reduced from five to four per weekend. This step forces teams and drivers to opt for a clever strategy when it comes to portioning their tire contingents, thus increasing the excitement.

To increase the number of overtaking maneuvers, the use of the DRS (Drag Reduction System) has been extended. The system now may be used three times per lap, if a driver’s gap to his rival driving ahead of him amounts to less than a second when crossing the start/finish line. To date, using the DRS was allowed only once per lap. Furthermore, the rear wing now may be lowered by 18 degrees instead of the 16 degrees allowed so far. This reduces the drag even more and increases the top speed and, consequently, the chance of a successful overtaking maneuver.

Hans Werner Aufrecht, Chairman of DTM rights holder and promoter ITR e.V., explains: “Providing the spectators enthralling motor racing and top-class entertainment represents our top priority. To do so, spectacular overtaking maneuvers on the track and thrilling races up to the final lap are a must – and that’s exactly what DTM has been providing for many years. This is the reason why it’s one of the most attractive race series of the world."

DTM is going to kick off its 2015 season from 30th April to 03rd May with a true motor sport festival. The support program will feature – inter alia – a World Rallycross Championship round, the new Audi Sport TT Cup is making its Premiere – and aloof from the track, renowned artists and DJs will entertain the crowds. Tickets are available at www.dtm.com.

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