Final closing period set for Nashville Superspeedway:

NeXovation has secured the funding to close on the Nashville Superspeedway. However, the combination of the bond issue and the necessary due diligence have caused recent delays in closing. NeXovation, in cooperation with Dover, agreed on Friday, March 27th to a final closing period, which stipulates that the closing will occur within 60 days.

As a show of good faith, NeXovation made an additional investment of $400,000 on March 27th, adding to previous investments made in 2014 and 2015. This fourth investment brings NeXovation’s total investment in the Nashville Superspeedway to $2.5 million: four investments equaling $1 million, in addition to its initial investment of $1.5 million, to secure NeXovation’s purchase of the Nashville Superspeedway.

NeXovation looks forward to bringing its business model and vision for the Nashville Superspeedway to Wilson County, the Nashville area and the global motorsports and OEM communities. Ackermann PR for NeXovation

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