IndyCar as an alternative to F1? Not so fast

In this article IndyCar CEO Mark Miles says “We believe that there is a not-so-latent appetite for IndyCar racing around the world," Miles told AUTOSPORT.

"I think there is a great value proposition when you look at where we can come in, and what we can offer compared with Formula 1 when you think about price versus value.

"We don't have to charge the kind of sanctioning fees that race promoters in countries, and sovereign funds are paying for Formula 1.

"But I think we can offer a product that is seen as uniquely American, but is extraordinarily exciting racing. So I think there is a big opportunity for us."

We think what Miles fails to realize is that it will be a cold day in hell before Bernie Ecclestone allows IndyCar to gain a foothold in the international motorsports market as a lower cost alternative to F1. Not going to happen. Bernie cannot afford to have race promoters force down the price they pay for an F1 race by using IndyCar as a negotiating ploy.

Does Miles sit back and think about why the China race really fell apart in the 11th hour? Why races in England and Germany went away? Why Sao Paolo went away and why Brasilia met the same fate before it even started?

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