Carl Edwards on his practice accident

Carl Edwards

Below is a statement from Carl Edwards, driver of the #19 Stanley Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota Camry regarding his accident earlier today in preparation for Sunday's Auto Club 400. The statement comes to us courtesy of Toyota Racing:

"We went from a 12-inch to a six-inch sub pretty quick. I tried to save it – I got a little bit loose off – and I tried to save it and that was a mistake. I had a ton of throttle and the lap was going really well coming off Turn Four. It got a little bit loose and I was like, 'Man, I'm not going to hit the fence,' and I thought, 'I should lock it down.' Right there I was thinking 'Lock it down,' and I thought, 'Nah, I'll save it,' and that was not the right decision. Anyway, the guys – I don't know if we can use this engine and keep our qualifying spot or what. The guys have a lot of work in front of them. I hate to do that. I think we were having a pretty good lap there."

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