Chevy Aero Unveiled — it’s, uh…..

Chevy Aero kit makes the ugly Dallara look better

Ya know how beautiful the classic Indy / CART / CCWS cars were back in the day? You know, the '72 McLaren, the Lotus 38, the DP01, the new Indy Lights car? Well, this isn't any one of those cars. The new Chevy road / short oval package was unveiled today at Indy, and it's, uh… well, there will be discussion. Let's just say that it definitely fits the bill for Indy's goal of increasing creativity.

The Chevy guys talk about "Form and Function". Well, this is FUNCTION with a bit paint for form. You have bits sticking up — "Front Uppers" (which does sound like a Linda Vaughn "Miss Hurst" thing, doesn't it?) and "Inboard fences" and "Flicks" and such. The carbon bits are sticking up all over the place on this thing. Oh, and the rear "Kardashian" bumpers are larger too, in case you were wondering — it's an aero thing.

The consensus of the Chevy drivers, was, is, that it is beautiful. They love driving it. Of course, they haven't put it against the Honda package yet. But they did say that it drove well. Tony Kanaan also liked the fact that the wing bits would break off under contact instead of, say, flattening a tire of a competitor, meaning that some drivers might be a bit less aggressive. Of course, no word yet on if the Honda guys' front wing might be a bit stronger for such purposes.

Also taking a look at the thing was Honda driver Takuma Sato. He smiled as he tried to figure out all of the bits of the thing. "I hope mine is attractive too" he quipped as he left.

Tim Wohlford, reporting from IMS Media Day

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