Burton’s Popularity Could Take Off As NASCAR Analyst

In Lexington, Mark Story wrote many people are "projecting stardom" for former NASCAR driver Jeff Burton now that he is "moving into full-time work as Sprint Cup race analyst for NBC." If anything, the "loquacious Burton" actually may need to be "a little less verbal to thrive on TV."

Burton said, "We're going to tell it like we see it. It's not our job to wear rose-colored glasses." Burton said that to succeed as a color analyst, he must "start with being authentic." He said he has "tried to listen to a lot of people."

Burton: "But, honestly, I'm going to be me. I think NBC hired me to be me, not to be Troy Aikman. So my goal is to be me." He added that what he "must stay on top of is NASCAR's constantly-changing technology." KENTUCKY.com

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