Auto GP Unveils 2015 Car

2015 car

The 2015 Auto GP season is inching closer and closer and as the series will go underway in April at Marrakech, supporting the World Touring Car Championship, the organization led by Enzo Coloni will be celebrating the beginning of its sixth running.

The Auto GP championship has seen so many great names grabbing wins and titles including Champions Romain Grosjean, Kevin Ceccon, Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, Vittorio Ghirelli and Kimiya Sato.

This season's most anticipated addition is an upgraded car that will make the races even more challenging and exciting. The Auto GP Organization has always pushed for more performance, and the upgrades to be introduced this season are aimed to obtain a considerable performance increase thanks to high-impact interventions that can improve the pace while keeping the budgets limited.

There will be 18 entries in each event this year, a guaranteed number, and the show will be enhanced by the live timing service available in all sessions and by the live coverage of the races on Eurosport. Cars in the previous configuration will be allowed to run. The new layout includes a reworked front configuration with new flaps and endplates, while the rear wind and undertray were also re-engineered. The work resulted in an drop in laptimes between 1 and 1.5 seconds, as demonstrated at Montmelo, Barcelona

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