Video: Toronto GP – Aleshin plows under Montoya (Update)

UPDATE We are happy report that IndyCar dodged another bullet Sunday in Toronto. As shown in the video below, luckily Mikhail Aleshin's head was not crushed by the underside of Montoya's car leaving IndyCar with another fatality. Recall our article on this topic. Of course years ago IndyCar drivers would be killed all the time, and things are much safer today. However, the driver's head is still exposed and it does not take much of an impact to the head to leave a driver dead or like a vegetable the rest of their life – think Michael Schumacher.

07/21/14 Rain causes chaos in race 2 as Montoya and others hit the wall. Mikhail Aleshin got the worst of it and ends up with a car on his head.

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