Houston Race 1 tire selection


Starting Sunday's race in Detroit on Firestone 'Blacks' didn't work out for Mike Conway and the Fuzzy's Vodka boys.

Keep in mind, the strategy Saavedra is employing today did not work out four weeks ago for Mike Conway at the Chevrolet Indy Dual in Detroit Presented by Quicken Loans. If you remember, Conway was the lone driver to start the Sunday race on Belle Isle on 'Blacks.' While Conway led the race in the early going, he was unable to extract a long enough stint out of his Firestone 'Reds' and finished the race eleventh.

We'll see how things work for Saavedra today. The likelihood is he will need to an incredibly long first stint to make the strategy work.

One other note:

Remember, the purpose of the teams having a choice between tires is in part, to mix up the grid by creating alternate strategies. However, for two races in a row (remember teams don't have tire choices at ovals like Texas) we have seen the teams essentially opt for the same strategy.

And we have to ask: does having the teams overwhelmingly make the same tire selection kind of defeat the purpose? After two-and-a-half seasons with the DW12 have teams is the tire strategy no longer a mystery to the teams? Or are the last two races something of an anomaly?

Hard to say at this point. However, this is a story to follow going forward.

Brian C. reporting for AR1


Sebastian Saavedra will be the lone starter on 'Blacks'.

This one is very simple


Twenty-two of the twenty-three starters will begin the race on the Firestone alternate 'Red' tires. KV/AFS Racing driver Sebastian Saavedra will be the lone driver starting on the primary 'Blacks'.

AR1 Staff

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