Ferrari worth $570,000 written off in spectacular Perth crash

It's designed for racing but this Scuderia Ferrari didn't fare so well on a Perth, Australia freeway.

The $573,000 car was spotted smashed up on an embankment after a late night spin went wrong.

Its mystery owner luckily suffered nothing more than a huge dent to their wallet after they lost control of the supercar just before 1am on Wednesday.

However, the shiny red limited edition Ferrari 430 Scuderia car was found in a sorry state – with the right front completely demolished.

After the prized possession skidded off the road on Mitchell Freeway, in Padbury, a northern suburb of Perth, WA, it ended up scarily close to a large tree.

WA police told MailOnline: 'There were no injuries and we aren't treating it any differently to other cars.'
They are not investigating the smash.

A Ferrari salesman in WA told MailOnline: 'It's a rare car. There's only about three. We've got one here and it's on the market at $380,000.'

He said he believes the cars is a 2008 model.

The Scuderia Ferrari is part of the racing team division of the Ferrari range, set up by Enzo Ferrari in 1929.

It boasts a 4308cc V8 engine and was first unveiled in 2007 by German Formula One star Michael Schumacher.

The dream car often draws comparisons with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Lamborghini Superleggera. Photo

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