Fans want a 2nd IndyCar race on Indy oval

A reader writes, Dear, It does not get any better than that. The new IndyCars race really well at the Brickyard and yesterday's finish even topped last years. It's the best racing anywhere and I have to agree with your article about rethinking the month of May. Sure the GP of Indianapolis was a decent race, but there needs to be two IndyCar races on the Brickyard oval. Finishing the season to a full house at Indy sure beats looking at a mile of empty aluminum bleachers at Fontana as the season finale. Joe Clover

Another reader writes, Dear, It was great to see an American win the Indy 500 for once. Wasn't the finish exciting? I agree with your recent article, IndyCar needs to do it more. The racing is so great on the Indy oval. I don't mean the NASCAR taxicabs, they are so boring at Indy I won't waste my money, but it they run two oval IndyCar races each year at Indy I'll be there. Margaret Stewart

Another reader writes, Do you think Michael Andretti could rent the Indy track from the Hulman George family and run an IndyCar race to end the IndyCar season? As you wrote, Michael Andretti gets it. So if the Hulman George family is not smart enough to see that IndyCar should end their season at Indy with great racing like we saw yesterday, then maybe another race promoter with more common sense could do it for them. I like the idea of a Labor Day weekend 400-miler on ABC to end the season. Dani Brooks

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