Kurt Busch takes blame for Indy crash (Update)

UPDATE Photos of Kurt Busch's wadded up Dallara Honda.


Kurt Busch before he wadded up his race car
Photo by IndyCar

KURT BUSCH (No. 26 Suretone Honda): "I was starting to feel comfortable. That’s when I made the mistake of just letting my guard down or settling into that long run type mentality whereas with an Indy car you have to be on edge. You have to keep track of where you are at all times and the adjustments in the car. Maybe I just didn’t keep up with keeping the car underneath me. Trying to get into that rhythm and feel other things around you and I got behind on my adjustments in the car."

(What it feels like to crash before race day): "It’s nice to have it at an opportune time. We still have Carb Day to shake things down and get back in the groove. This created a lot of work for the Andretti guys. I feel bad for that. As a rookie, there’s things you learn and put it up on the edge and get away with and then there’s times when it will bite you. It's just tough. I thought I was finding a rhythm and settling into that long run type pace and learning the tows and the draft and I didn’t keep track of the adjustments of the car."

(About how working in traffic and the crash): "One hundred percent just working in traffic. Just trying to settle in and not make mistakes and I just made a mistake."

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