Will Iowa be same old story for IndyCar?

We have heard this before from every NASCAR track owner as they ran their once successful IndyCar race into the ground. Happened 100% of the time once ISC bought out all the Penske tracks. Ditto for the Bruton Smith tracks – only Texas is left and that attendance has been decreasing rapidly.

Iowa Speedway President Jimmy Small Thursday re-affirmed the track's commitment to continuing to host IndyCar with this statement:

"IndyCar is incredibly valuable to us here at Iowa Speedway for a number of reasons. IndyCar invested in us early, committing to racing here in 2007. This was a watershed deal for us, as it was the first major national sanctioning body to add us to its schedule. Simply put, IndyCar’s commitment made Iowa Speedway immediately relevant. Additionally, the state of Iowa shares great enthusiasm for motorsports, so this was a wonderful gift for Iowa and our many passionate fans. Lastly, this commitment allowed us to build an international platform for our outstanding partner, the Iowa Corn Growers Association. IndyCar’s presence will remain very important to Iowa Speedway under NASCAR ownership and management. Our (Iowa Speedway) ultimate goal is to elevate and benefit all of motorsports, and IndyCar is most certainly included in our plans to achieve success."

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