Raikkonen ‘Driving style behind China struggles’

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen believes his driving style was the main reason for his poor performance at last week's Chinese Grand Prix.

After qualifying in 11th place in Shanghai, the Finn finished in eighth place in Shanghai, more than a minute behind team-mate Fernando Alonso, who claimed the Maranello outfit's first podium of the season.

"It's probably more to do with my driving style plus these cold conditions and not getting the tires to work properly," Raikkonen told Autosport.

"If there was an issue with the car it would not be fast on new tires.

"I think it's a combination of cold conditions, circuit layout and my driving style.

"I don't think I work the tires very hard, so when it's wet and cold it's hard to get the tires working.

"The new tire works well until the grip from the rear tires goes away, then you have to go slower and you start cooling down the tires more and everything goes around and around and you cannot fix it.

"There's not just a magic thing I can suddenly change in my driving and fix. It works for you in some places and against you in some.

"We just have to work and find some solutions when we have this and hopefully not end up in similar situations.

"Once you end up there it's hard to get out – especially in the race."

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