Brembo brake facts for Grand Prix of Alabama

Castroneves locks his Brembo brakes in 2013

Barber Motorsports Park is the fastest road course that the IndyCar series will race in 2014.

With the highest average corner speed on the calendar, Barber challenges the driver’s confidence level every lap. Because of the speed at this particular circuit, braking power and ability is more for outright car balance rather than stopping ability. Going into Turn 1 the drivers will reach 160 mph before a minor lift of the throttle. This is just a minor lift because the apex speed at T1 is upwards of 140 mph. Exiting T1 there is a very short run up to Turns 2, 3 and 4. This is a delicate area with the brake pedal because of the speed involved, but the drivers will apply a quick 1000 psi of pressure to slow the car to 75 mph before blasting back up the T4 hill.

After a short straight, the drivers will enter the hardest braking point on the track, Turn 5. One of the best places on the track to pass, during the start of the race drivers will fan out three wide looking for room to pass. Cars will slow 100 mph in 2 seconds using 2000 psi of brake pressure. Headed down another short straight, the drivers will reach 160 mph before hitting the brakes to go over the Turn 8 and 9 chicane. Drivers will be very aggressive here, jumping the curbs to shorten track distance and keep the car straight. Down the long back straight, which does involve the flat out Turn 10 and 11 chicane at 155 mph, the drivers will use the brake for just one second to slow the car to 125 mph entering Turns 12 and 13.

The final section of the track involves very little braking capacity; just a light touch of the brakes to enter Turn 16 will slow the car to an apex speed of 80 mph. One quick left in Turn 17, which is above 105 mph before coming back to the start-finish line.

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