Baby Adam Petty

Please, let us all join together and officially welcome the newest member of the NASCAR Nation: Baby Adam Petty.

Austin Petty, the son of Kyle Petty, and his lovely wife Sarah were pleased to announce the birth of their son who arrived on Sunday, December 15th. Mom and son are reported to be doing extremely well.

Baby Adam is the fifth generation of the iconic Petty racing family as well as the first newborn to join the family in 30 years. That family tree includes his great great grandfather Lee Petty, great grandfather Richard Petty, grandfather Kyle Petty and father Austin.

In a very touching tribute Austin and Sarah Petty chose to name their son Adam. It was a tribute to Kyle's son, and Austin's brother Adam Petty, a driver for Petty Enterprises who tragically lost his life following an accident that occurred back in 2000 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Believe it or not, Baby Adam Petty already has his very own "Twitter" account. Although it hasn't been officially confirmed, it's widely believed that grandfather Kyle Petty has something to do with this.

One of the very first "Tweets" on Baby Adam's new account read: "I'm here world, nice to meet you!"

Still another "Tweet" was sent to Kyle Petty from Adam that read: "sup grandpa."

However, the best one featured a photo of Baby Adam with the middle finger of his right hand extended. The photo was backed with a caption that read: "quit taking pics of me dad or I'll keep flicking you off."

Good luck and God bless to the newest member of the NASCAR Nation: Baby Adam Petty. Dave Grayson reporting

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