A wedding for a king

During the recently completed NASCAR Champion's Week in Las Vegas, one of the more heartwarming stories involved the announcement that said NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Clint Bowyer and his lovely girlfriend Lorra Podsiadio were now engaged to be married.

Commenting on wedding plans to the media, the always fun Bowyer offered his thoughts on the perfect ceremony. If it was up to him, Bowyer would like to see the wedding performed in that famed Las Vegas chapel with their Elvis impersonator presiding over the ceremony. Bowyer also said he would be willing to spring for the deluxe wedding package including the box set with the commemorative T shirts and coffee mugs adding he would like a small ceremony with four witnesses standing behind him with at least two of them being midget Elvis impersonators.

It's doubtful that these wedding plans will see the light of day, but you still just have to love it.


Congrats and God bless to NASCAR Sprint Cup, and Nationwide Series driver Reed Sorenson & Laura Frame. The couple was married on December 7th.

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