Indy Lights bid down to 3 for chassis, 2 for engine

“We've been collecting proposals on chassis and engines and Tony Cotman and I have spent more time on it than I anticipated," Indy Lights boss Dan Andersen told Racer Magazine. “We're getting close on the chassis side, and that decision will be made between three companies: Mygale, Dallara and Multimatic, which is the group that bought Lola that Larry Holt has put together. They've all put in final bids and we're quite happy with what those three are offering our series and our owners."

“It will be one of those three – their bids are very interesting, and I have to select one that's fast, that's sexy, that will go 200 miles per hour, but more than that. I also need to select a car that has the right terms for Indy Lights team owners," he added. “It's going to be hard to plunk down the money for a new car – I know this, so we're talking with all three to come up with the most favorable terms for our current owners and the new owners we hope to attract. It has to make good business sense first and foremost."

“We're also working on getting the spares costs down," he confirmed. “We aren't going to work on a good deal on the car and have our owners get hosed on spare parts prices. It isn't good for my long-term business prospects, either, so that's something we're being very deliberate about right up front. No surprises for our owners and nothing ridiculous on the back end. Tony Cotman's a good man to shepherd this process, to see who's offering what, and I'll probably make a final decision next week."

“For the engines, we've had five or six proposals, and frankly, none have really jumped out and caught my attention," said Andersen. “I'm down to two proposals that I like the most, and I wish I could say I'm going to announce an engine at the same time as the chassis, but I'm going to need more commitment from an engine manufacturer before I feel ready to pull the trigger."

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