Dallara Indy Lights car a downsized version of their IndyCar

So what do you do if you rolled out a new IndyCar that many consider the Edsel Ford of our time (i.e. goofball ugly), so ill handling it took thousands of hours of re-engineering to fix its inferior design, so uninspiring and so ugly that attendance and TV ratings plummeted, so expensive to maintain that team owners revolted and pushed for Randy Bernard's ouster?

Why of course you do it again.

Dallara DW12 to 2014 Indy Lights comparo. (Photo: Dallara/Marshall Pruett)

In this Speed.com article we see that Dallara has proposed to build a 7/8th scale version of its DW12 to serve as the final stepping stone on Mazda’s Road To Indy ladder program.

“We heard [the selection] was coming for September, then October and now we hear it’s going to be soon," Dallara CEO Stefano dePonti said while speaking from Dallara’s new production facility in Speedway, IN. “There’s been some changes at IndyCar recently, so we know they postpone it, but we feel very good about what we proposed."

And if Dallara-loving Brian Barnhart has his way again, instead of the new Indy Lights race car being built in the USA by an American firm employing American workers, IndyCar will award the Lights contract to Dallara and history can repeat itself.

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