Sales Swell At PRI Trade Show Friday

Friday is traditionally the biggest sales day of the three-day PRI Trade Show and this year’s 25th rendition was true to form as sales swelled throughout the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Attendees arrived early on Friday morning and remained consistent throughout the day.

“We’ve had a great show at PRI," said Jeff Clark, of Roush-Yates. “It’s always been a great showcase for us and again in 2013 with the new season ahead of us. The new products we’re bringing out have been well-received at the show. We’ve seen people come with checks in hand for deposits on engines where sometimes they may get a business card and call you two or three times and the business wasn’t confirmed. PRI has given us that ability to showcase a true sale and we’re very, very happy with it."

Similar reports were common throughout the show.

“The show’s been going wonderfully," relayed Shanna Whitley, of T & S Machines and Tools. Thursday was a great day with very consistent traffic and the people that are coming in today are closing things. We have buyers and that’s been wonderful for us. We’ve been coming to PRI for 17 years. This is our largest exhibit so far with six booths and it’s paying off."

“We’ve had a lot of excellent traffic to the booth today with some serious buyers," said Travis Thirkettle, of SuperFlow Technologies. “We generated some real solid leads. We are very happy with our productivity and the interest we’ve seen. We’ve been coming to the show for 25 years and we’re happy to support PRI."

While exhibitors were over-joyed about the brisk sales, consumers were just as happy with the quality of exhibitors, as well as the technology and product they’re finding on the show floor and the end result is they’re ready and willing to spend.

“This is an annual trip for us," said Frank Honsowetz, of Ed Pink Racing Engines. “I’ve been coming since the show was in Columbus. It gives us a chance to see all of our vendors and suppliers, as well as find out about all the new products. Annually, we might buy close to half a million dollars of product from the vendors in this building."

The opening two days have exceeded expectations for this year’s show.

“It was another great day for the PRI Trade Show," said John Kilroy, PRI Trade Show producer. “Exhibit aisles were jammed, but most important was that throughout the hall there were all manners of business being conducted. The serious buyers were here."

The 25th Annual PRI Trade Show features the latest product lines of over 1000 manufacturers of racing and high-performance automotive components, as well as precision machining equipment. Approximately 38,000 racing business people from all over the United States, and more than 70 countries are expected to attend. For more information, go to

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