FIA clamps down on new ‘flexi wing’ saga

(GMM) The FIA has moved quickly to clamp down on F1's latest 'flexi wing' saga.

It emerged this week that the governing body was alerted by Ferrari to new tricks aboard the McLaren and Red Bull cars.

Reports said the teams have devised a way to gain an aerodynamic advantage by getting their front wings to twist on the horizontal axis.

But Germany's Auto Motor und Sport reports from Suzuka on Thursday that the FIA has reacted immediately.

Scrutineers, unusually working behind closed garage doors in the Japan pitlane, have apparently carried out a brand new flexibility compliance test.

Auto Motor und Sport said every 2012 car passed.

But it is not known if McLaren and Red Bull subjected their Singapore-spec 'flexi' wings to the test, or passed with a new specification.

Auto Motor und Sport said the new test involved pressure being applied closer to the middle of the wing, rather than just on the extremities.

The report said McLaren insists it passed the new test without modifying the wing, but Auto Motor und Sport believes the real truth will only emerge "on the racetrack" this weekend.

Indeed, and contrary to usual procedures, no spare front wings could be seen outside the McLaren or Red Bull garages on Thursday.

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