Video: Vergne Monza crash

Jean-Eric Vergne was the first retirement from the Italian Grand Prix, spinning out at the Rettifilo Chicane before flying into the air over a curb. As a result, the Frenchman’s back and head took a knock and he was checked over in the circuit medical centre.

“I was taken from the accident to the Medical Centre but, apart from a bit of pain in my back and my head, I am fine," he said. “I don’t know why I crashed. All I can remember is that, when I braked, I completely lost control of the back end of the car.

“I felt a big impact when the car landed after going up in the air. The curb is high at that point and I count myself lucky that the car did not flip over."

It is believed Vergne suffered a left-rear suspension failure, by the official cause of the accident is yet to be confirmed by Toro Rosso.

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