Fired CEO Bahar Files Claim Against Lotus

Dany Bahar, sacked as chief executive officer of unprofitable British sports-car maker Group Lotus Plc. in June, filed a claim against the company and its Malaysian parent DRB-Hicom Bhd. (DRB) for wrongful dismissal.

Bahar, 40, is seeking 6.7 million pounds ($10.6 million) from Lotus for alleged unlawful early termination of his employment, DRB said in a Kuala Lumpur stock exchange filing yesterday. The Malaysian company’s lawyers in the U.K. were notified of the claim on Aug. 23, it said.

“Dany Bahar was dismissed after an investigation into his stewardship of Lotus," DRB said in the filing, without being specific. “We believe we have acted properly at all times," it said, adding that DRB and Lotus would “vigorously" oppose and defend the claim.

DRB, controlled by billionaire Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, is tightening its grip over Lotus after inheriting the British company through its purchase of Malaysian taxi-and-sedan maker Proton Holdings Bhd. Bahar was fired from Lotus following a complaint from DRB about unspecified concerns over his conduct, the U.K.-based auto manufacturer said on June 7.

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