Earnhardt Jr. wins vote to be on video game cover

The face of NASCAR's new video game also happens to be the face of NASCAR. But that might not be the primary reason that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a natural choice as the cover star of NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. "Even though I drive cars for a living, it's fun to do it with a reset button," Earnhardt told USA TODAY Sports about his avid interest in video gaming. "It's definitely not foreign to me, and you can see me just as easily picking up a controller and playing. It's comfortable and something I'll be able to speak intelligently about if I was in a room full of gamers. I think it's a good fit." Earnhardt was chosen as the game's primary ambassador via an online poll that drew more than 750,000 votes through heavy promotion in social media. He will be the focus of a marketing campaign launching next month before the game's November release. USA Today

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