How to get your car stolen

If you’ve ever worried about getting your car stolen, you’re certainly not alone. In the US, a car gets stolen about once every 42 seconds, and no matter how comprehensive your auto insurance plan is, a stolen car can be a huge headache.

Chances are you take all the usual precautions to keep your car from being driven away, but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t quite as careful with their vehicles. From leaving doors unlocked to keys in the ignition, plenty of forgetful behaviors can contribute to making car theft that much easier.

The following infographic offers a twist on the subject: You know how not to get your car stolen, but have you ever considered all the different behaviors that can make getting your car stolen a reality?

It might sound ridiculous to you, but in fact, plenty of the habits and forgetful behaviors practiced by car owners everywhere start to make it seem like many cars that get stolen were just asking for it.

There are surprising contributors to car theft as well, from what state you live in to what kind of car you’re driving. Some factors that make your car liable to be stolen are obvious, and others may be more unexpected.

If you’ve ever wondered how cars get stolen, read on!

How to Get Your Car Stolen

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