Hockenheim DRS zone to come before hairpin

DRS will be placed on the run up to Hockenheim’s hairpin as Formula 1 returns to the German venue this weekend. As the country’s Grand Prix is now alternating with the Nürburgring, the sport is yet to visit the former since 2010.

The detection point, measuring whether or not a car is within one second of that in front, will be placed on the exit of Turn 4, with activation coming 260 metres later to allow for use though the long Parabolika which leads the field to the hairpin of Turn 6.

Not only has DRS not yet been used at Hockenheim, but fellow 2011 newcomer Pirelli is also visiting the Heidelberg venue for the first time. KERS will make a debut at the track too, as the teams had a pact in place not to use the system two years ago.

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