Another Energy Drink sponsor enters NASCAR

In light of comments made by one NASCAR driver, New Jersey's, Maximum Human Performance (MHP), has decided to sponsor David Ragan's #34 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entry in Sunday's race at New Hampshire. Ragan, will roll of the starting grid 19th in the 8-Hour Alert/MHP Ford. MHP offers a full line of supplements and their X-Fit line of products is used regularly by Front Row's #34 and #38 pit crews.

MHP CEO, Gerard Dente commented, "This was not one of our regularly scheduled races to be on David Ragan's #34 car, but after the experience we had last weekend at Daytona and the recent press the supplement industry has received in the NASCAR world, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to add a race to our schedule and get the truth out about supplements." He continued, "our MHP X-Fit pit crews are tested regularly and subject to the same drug testing policy the rest of the NASCAR garage is. When used as directed, supplements can be an excellent way to maximize performance, add longevity to an athletic career, and promote a healthy lifestyle overall"

Steve Downs, MHP's Marketing Director, believes the driver is entitled to his own opinion, commenting, "That is his opinion and everyone is entitled to have an opinion. NASCAR has policies, rules and regulations in place for supplements just like they do for the engines and the designs of the cars. I think the disconnect is that he isn't looking at the evolution of performance nutrition for athletes in the same light he would look at the advancements and changes in car parts and engineering." Downs continued, "Often what you don't know can scare you. I think if he had better understanding and knowledge of supplementation and it's benefits to health and performance he may have a different opinion. A lot of what he said was centered around the ramifications of a driver failing a drug test. FRM drivers and crew members have been using MHP supplements with no issues. NASCAR has a policy in place for the safety and fairness of its athletes. It's the athlete's responsibility follow these guidelines and to align themselves with a reputable supplement brand so they can achieve peak performance without breaking the rules or risking their health." Front Row Motorsports

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