Pirelli offers up more rain tires in soggy England

Formula 1 tire supplier Pirelli has said that it will attempt to offer more Wet tires at Silverstone, should the teams all agree on the idea. Complaints came on Friday as most drivers sat in their garages for the majority of the first and second practice sessions, as only three sets of the Wet compound are available for the race weekend.

Each driver is limited to four sets of Intermediates and three sets of Wets, which must cover all practice sessions plus qualifying and the race. This is due to FIA Sporting Regulations and the rule existed before Pirelli joined F1 at the start of last season.

McLaren head Martin Whitmarsh is just one person pushing for greater numbers of Wet tires, despite Pirelli arguing that degradation levels are low. Notwithstanding this belief, Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembery has offered to bring in more sets of Wets from Didcot, should all teams approve to a change in the regulation.

Charlie Whiting, FIA Race Director, has already backed the idea. This means that more tires could be brought, should every team be able to agree ahead of Saturday practice.

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