Dillon dominated Nationwide race with illegal car

UPDATE The right rear of Dillon’s car failed to meet the minimum height, and NASCAR issued a six-point penalty Monday afternoon. In the ultimate show of cheating pays, the Richard Childress Racing driver gets to keep the victory but now sits four points behind teammate Elliott Sadler in the standings. He and the team must be laughing all the way to the bank.

07/01/12 In typical NASCAR fashion, where cheaters prosper, a driver with an illegal car was able to keep his race win. Austin Dillon dominated Friday night's Nationwide race at Kentucky leading 192 of 200 laps, but afterwards it was determined that his car was too low, which means faster. But rather than take the win away, and give it too the next legal car in the finishing order, Dillon will keep the win and trophy and get a slap on the wrist (fine) from NASCAR midweek. You see Dillon is being groomed to be the next NASCAR star.

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