Geoff Bodine opens Honda dealership in Florida

The sports world is filled with tales of what happens to athletes once the spotlight dims. More often than not, they are about personal problems or financial difficulties instead of successes and accomplishments. Consider Geoff Bodine the "not." Bodine, a popular NASCAR driver with a Daytona 500 win to his credit, can now add another accomplishment: Brevard County [Florida] businessman. Not that Bodine is fully retired from the racing circuit. He's cut back on the time he can devote to the sport even as he finds a team that wants a 63-year-old aging Baby Boomer to be its driver. Secondly, Bodine is a busy guy. Not only is he still involved in NASCAR and other racing events, but the New York native also makes bobsleds for the U.S. Olympic team under the banner of the "Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project." Now, there is Geoff Bodine's Honda Powersports of Melbourne, a venture with partner and longtime friend A.J. Hiers, a local automobile dealer. The Honda dealership, the largest of its type in Central Florida, sells everything from generators to motorcycles to personal watercraft. Sales have gone surprisingly well since its opening several months ago, especially considering the shaky economy, Hiers said. Florida Today

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