IndyCar engine manufacturers can submit proposed changes to INDYCAR

In mid-June and again at the end of the year, manufacturers whose engines are statistically more than 2.5 percent deficient in power may, at the discretion of INDYCAR, make improvements to components to be homologated.

Alterations are allowed to make up 2 percent of shortcomings, and they will be introduced on only new engines being sent to the track. (Lotus is submitting article)

Manufacturers must present data to support their case, which is reviewed with relevant data collected by the sanctioning body's engine support engineers. Manufacturers provide which components they seek to modify, along with projected gains and their scheduled introduction. INDYCAR will permit all, some or none of the proposals and the manufacturer may revise its plans accordingly.

Once approved, INDYCAR will inform the other manufacturers which components are being changed. The new parts will be homologated (sealed) before being incorporated, and the old parts remain homologated until the 2013 homologation date. For end-of-season upgrades, work must be completed and homologated before the first race of 2013.

The engine rules will be stable through the 2016 IZOD IndyCar Series season, with any corrections or modifications decided by INDYCAR after consultation with the INDYCAR Engine Committee.

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