Ecclestone delighted with ‘historic’ 2012 season

Bernie happy F1 full of surprises now

(GMM) Bernie Ecclestone has declared himself delighted with the 2012 season so far.

So far, the unpredictable races – with an unprecedented seven different drivers winning the opening seven grands prix of the year – have split the paddock.

Some hail the enthralling 'show' caused by the closeness of the grid and the difficult-to-understand Pirelli tires, whilst the purists worry that the 'lottery' will eventually turn off the fans.

F1 chief executive Ecclestone counts himself among the former.

"In all my years in this business I've never known anything like it," said the 81-year-old. "It's historic.

"Every grand prix has given us something extra special to applaud and be excited about," Ecclestone told the Gulf News over lunch in London.

"The whole show, evidenced by the massive TV audiences right across the world, as well as the sellout circuit attendances, proves that we are on a winner of a championship right now.

"I wonder how many more surprises we are in for before the end of the season. I hope my old heart can stand it," he added.

"We are not even at the halfway mark yet," Ecclestone continued, "and the lead in the drivers' championship is swapping all the time.

"There's a lot more fun and drama to come before the end of the season. That's a guarantee."

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