Traffic Jam — bigger in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas — including traffic jams.

As I, and no doubt dozens of IndyCar people, found out last night, the direct link between Texas Motor Speedway and DFW airport (highway 114) is under construction. More to the point, it was all-but-closed in return route to the airport. It took me 2 1/2 hours to go 25 miles last night as we crawled over surface streets, through stop lights, etc.

The locals have given me several routes to take as an alternative but this is the one I will try tonight: Interstate 35 South to exit 57A Interstate 820 East to exit 22B Highway 183 to the airport. 183 goes into the south side of the airport; highway 114 goes the north side of the airport.

DISCLAIMER — I sometimes get things wrong. If you miss your flight, yeah, you can feed me some garbage about it, but feel free to use your GPS!!


Tim Wohlford, reporting from TEXAS!!

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