Ecclestone: ‘I’ll run F1 until I die’

Ecclestone – no signs of slowing down

After more than half a century involved in motorsport, and three decades at the helm of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone has no plans to quit just yet. In fact, the 81-year-old has told CNN that he will be in charge for as long as he lives.

"It'll probably depend a lot (on) when I die," Ecclestone said ahead of this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix when asked about his retirement plans.

"You never know, do you, with these things. I mean, it's not my intention to do such a thing. If I thought I couldn't do all the things I do, then the answer would be then we'd certainly consider it. At the moment it's not quite like that."

Despite his age, Ecclestone is keeping himself very busy — both personally and professionally.

Earlier this month he announced his engagement to Brazilian Fabiani Flosi, 46 years his junior.

He has also set his sights on further extending Formula One's global reach, having announced an agreement with the teams to continue racing under a Concorde Agreement until 2020.

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