IndyCar releases 2013 aero kit regulations

Red pieces are open to change by the manufacturers within a 'box' – See Full Regulations below

INDYCAR re-introduced engine manufacturer competition for the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series season, and chassis competition will debut in 2013.

INDYCAR, the sanctioning body for the IZOD IndyCar Series, has set a May 25 deadline for prospective aerodynamic kit suppliers to commit to the program for 2013 and 2014. INDYCAR released final regulations to interested companies May 14.

The aero kit concept was announced along with the introduction of the 2012 Dallara chassis in July 2010 to allow visible bodywork diversity. Cars will be differentiated by their shape, with the car name incorporating the supplier for brand identity.

"We've had great interest from multiple companies," said Will Phillips, vice president of technology, INDYCAR. "Some companies may see this as exciting training for their engineers or as a means to showcase their hardware for aerodynamic development. Others, such as automotive companies, may see this as a way to enhance their North American brand presence."

Approved suppliers will design and develop the aero kits, and upon INDYCAR approval, may charge teams a maximum of $75,000 per complete kit.

Areas open for development for road/street/short ovals include sidepods, front- and rear-wing endplates, flaps and the engine cover. The Speedway configuration includes sidepods, front- and rear-wing endplates and the engine cover.

No IZOD IndyCar Series entrant may run more than three homologated aero kits within the two-year period, with one being the 2012 Dallara road/street/short oval and superspeedway aero kit.

A list of approved suppliers will be announced in June by INDYCAR, with on-track testing tentatively scheduled for January 2013.

Full Regulations

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