British tax authority looking into Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

(GMM) British authorities have confirmed they will also look into the millions paid by Bernie Ecclestone to beleaguered former F1 banker Gerhard Gribkowsky.

Ecclestone, the F1 chief executive who admits to paying Gribkowsky but denies it was a bribe, will appear in Munich on Wednesday as a witness in the trial of the former BayernLB risk manager.

A report in the Sunday Telegraph suggested the UK's Attorney General and Revenue and Customs offices might be interested in the possible connection between Ecclestone and his offshore family trust Bambino.

Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry said the issue "needs to be looked into", and the attorney general's office confirmed it will be done.

And a spokesman for Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said: "HMRC cannot comment on individual cases but we use information from a very wide range of sources to ensure everyone pays the right tax under the law."

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