Quotes of the Week

"As you know, the drivers can't stand doing it," IndyCar engineer Michael Cannon told Gordon Kirby when talking about the banked 'pack' racing ovals IndyCar races on. "It's outrageously dangerous and yet the world is collectively yawning. Nobody shows up. The television ratings are laughable. So what's the point of the exercise?

"After every one of these races, all of us go, 'Phew! Got away with it again.' You go into the race saying, 'Oh God! Just let us get away with it one more time.' It's like driving home drunk from a Christmas party saying 'Good Lord, please let me get away with this just once and I'll never do it again.' And yet there you are doing it again."

"One trap we've fallen into is we've continued to make the cars safer," he said. "I think as an industry we've done an excellent job. But then we've turned around and exposed the drivers to unbelievable danger. The whole thing is so flawed from start to finish. I hope the top drivers will take some leadership and say, 'Look, we're not doing this right." Michael Cannon

"The thing that really aggravates and upsets me," Bruce Ashmore growls to Gordon Kirby, "is IndyCar are touting and telling the world that they've made a big change with the new car that will solve all the problems they've got now. But they've really made only a small blip, a very small step of probably five percent from where they are now. They think they've made a 100 percent change, but in fact they've made at best a five percent change.

"The problem is they're going to have the same accident again. It might be the first race of 2012 or it might take six years, but that same set of circumstances will happen again. They think they've solved it by scrapping all this equipment and making everybody buy new equipment. But they haven't solved the problem." Bruce Ashmore

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