URC Releases New Program

The Unlimited Racing Championship was introduced at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca two weeks ago by Scott Atherton, President and CEO of American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patron. Since the launch, the reaction to the URC CanAm ‘Heritage Series’ has exceeded projections. Due to the amount of rental inquiries, the URC will offer the cars to teams for independent preparation for the owner and rental drivers.

URC will provide rental inquiries with a list of teams that offer cars for rent on a season, as well as a ‘one off’ basis.

Due to the low cost of operation of the durable Big Block Chevy engines and driveline, the Unlimited Racing Championship believes that the ability to attract new drivers from various forms of racing will be unprecedented.

“So many drivers have expressed interest in finally having the chance to experience the legendary performance of the torque of the big block CanAm cars, and especially when they can do so with a series as prestigious as ALMS," said Richard Nauert, founder of the URC.

With an average projected cost per weekend of $20,000, which include two races, this is an incredible value and creates the opportunity for many drivers to fulfill a personal goal that wasn’t previously available in a modern car with the many safety features and cockpit size of the NuArt CanAm.
The “instantly adjustable power" of four levels makes for a reduced learning curve, while increasing safety, especially for drivers who are renting the cars for shorter timeframes.

The NuART CanAm cars bring their drivers and participants in the Unlimited Racing Championship back to the glory days of big block torque with excessive horsepower, “heel ‘n toe" driving, with that famous 1970’s “signature piece", the beautifully designed, staggered intake tubes, and 18 inch wide tires, while also offer a safe and affordable way have experience of the days of excess power and extreme racing.

The new ‘Heritage series’ will participate in four American Le Mans Series race weekends in 2012 for a total of eight 30-minute races, and is sure to be the most popular new spec series in sportscar racing.

The thrilling new Unlimited Racing Championship Series will feature identically prepared, 1970’s style NuArt CanAm cars, racing on original historical Can-Am circuits around North America. Cars are being offered at in introductory price of $485,000. Drivers can now experience a “blast" down memory lane while experiencing a legendary racing experience.

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