Shinichi Ito to compete for Honda, showing support for East Japan

In recognition of the hard times that his countrymen and women are experiencing, Honda Racing test rider Shinichi Ito will take part in this weekend's Japanese GP to help bring encouragement and hope to those in the East Japan region.

The forty-four year old from Miyagi Prefecture who witnessed the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami first hand, came out of retirement and won this year's Suzuka 8 Hours and Honda's 24th victory in the endurance classic and will take part in the Motegi race on a factory Honda RC212V.

"This year I started the role as HRC test rider, but I never thought that I would participate in the World Motorcycle Championship again considering that I’m 44 years old. I’m very proud of this as a rider and I am very grateful to all the people who worked to make this possible. After the East Japan disaster, TwinRing Motegi has recovered to be able to hold Grand Prix, but in Miyagi prefecture, where I live, there are still many people who cannot return to work. Many people still live in temporary container housing without knowing about the possibility to return back to normal life. I am aware that what I am able to do for the victims is very limited but as one of the victims myself, I will do my best to cheer up and to encourage those who suffered the most in the East Japan region and I sincerely hope you can all continue to give your valuable support".

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