Button escapes post-race penalty

Jenson Button has been confirmed as the victor of this year's Canadian Grand Prix, with stewards opting not the penalize the McLaren driver after he tapped Ferrari's Fernando Alonso out of the race at the Turn 3/4 Chicane. Having looked at various video evidence the panel, including two-time Formula 1 Champion Emerson Fittipaldi, felt that no further action was necessary and allowed Button to keep his win.

The full stewards' report reads:

'The Stewards have reviewed video evidence and heard from the drivers and team representatives regarding the incident on Lap 38 at Turn 3 between Car 5 (F. Alonso) and Car 4 (J. Button.)

Car 5 was on an out lap having pitted. Car 4 appeared to be firmly established on the inside line prior to the entry of the corner and drove onto the curb to avoid Car 5 on the outside.

In view of the conditions and the statements by both drivers and their team representatives, the Stewards decide that this was a "racing incident" and have taken no further action.'

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