Renault updates worth 0.2s

Renault technical director James Allison says the team will run new updates worth up to 0.2s per lap in Barcelona.

Having made an encouraging start to the season by securing podium finishes in both of the first two races, Renault have slipped off the pace slightly and finished seventh and eighth in Turkey. In an attempt to move closer to the front, Allison said the R31 would have a number of small upgrades which would make up a more substantial step in performance.

"We bring another handful of aerodynamic upgrades for the next race – the development race never lets up," Allison said. "None of them are individually large, but there are six in total and they add up to another 0.15-0.20 secs/lap. It isn't a huge upgrade but if we can keep that up for every race then it starts to tell."

Allison also said that the team had been working on improving its pitstop procedures in attempt to shave further seconds off its final race time. Making fast and reliable pitstops is as important as developing the car aerodynamically. Our aero upgrade for Barcelona will be worth around 10 seconds over the whole race – one bad pitstop and the value of that upgrade is entirely wiped out. Even if you avoid a single very poor stop, but make four stops around 1sec slower than the opposition then it is the same as taking a reasonable upgrade off the car." ESPNF1

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