Kubica moves hand as Renault seeks ‘experienced driver’

(GMM) Good news emerged from Italy on Wednesday afternoon: Robert Kubica can move all five fingers on his injured right hand.

The limb was partially severed in a rally crash last Sunday, raising a question mark about the Pole's future in motor racing.

But his hand surgeon Igor Rossello is quoted by SID news agency: "The operation went perfectly.

"It is a great result that Kubica can now move his hand, because the surgery was long and complicated."

The next hurdle for the 26-year-old Renault driver is an operation not on Thursday as originally scheduled, but instead on Friday, to work on his injured right shoulder and foot.

A few days later, Kubica will return to the operating table for elbow surgery.

Rossello said Kubica then faces a long period of rehabilitation.

"He will need to work hard every day."

Before that, however, the grand prix winner will be interviewed by Liguria police who are investigating the crash, in which Kubica's Skoda Fabia was skewered by a length of Armco barrier.

Renault team owner Gerard Lopez visited Kubica in hospital on Wednesday.

"Robert is a great loss for us at the moment that is forcing us to revise our plans. This is clearly a difficult time.

"We don't know yet if and when Robert will return. If it will be a long recovery and he will not be back this season, we need to rely on an experienced driver.

"The fate of our season will depend on this new driver, as without Robert it is difficult to predict how we will fare. Obviously, we need a driver capable of winning the championship."

Ivg.it said Lopez is meeting with Renault team boss Eric Boullier today.

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