Schumacher also has doubts about movable rear wing

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is not yet convinced whether the new-for-2011 adjustable rear wing will provide enough of an advantage to overhaul the car in front.

“I think the rear wing is a good innovation, I’m happy to see developments like that," Schumacher said in Valencia.

“The simple fact is, we know we have an issue in Formula 1 with following other cars and we need to change the relationship between mechanical grip and aerodynamic grip in a massive direction, so we can follow other cars more easily – you need something to allow you to at least get closer to the car in front.

“We have nothing as a tool where you can just press a button and be get in front of the car in front, that’s not the case; you may just close the gap in the slipstream and then you can have a fight, but of course in the past that hasn’t usually been the case."

“Whether the way it is already done is efficient, I’m not sure yet, honestly…(the difference when using the wing) may still be too little," the seven-time World Champion concluded.

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