‘Money spoke’ at Virgin for d’Ambrosio – di Grassi

(GMM) 2011 will be a year of "transition", a disappointed Lucas di Grassi has admitted on Brazilian radio. After a single season in F1, the 26-year-old has lost his Virgin seat to the Belgian Jerome d'Ambrosio.

"It's a shame that formula one seats have been for sale," he told Sao Paulo's Jovem Pan FM.

"The team said to be numerous times that if the decision was made on purely technical grounds, I would be staying," revealed the Brazilian.

"But money spoke louder," he added, referring to the multi million euro sponsorship being reportedly brought to Virgin by rookie d'Ambrosio.

Said di Grassi: "This year will be a difficult one of transition and restructuring of my career, aimed at returning to F1 as soon as possible."

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