Pescarolo is back for 2011

On the 3rd of January, the Pescarolo Team has officially returned to its headquarter in the Le Mans Technoparc. It was a very special day for Henri Pescarolo, he met up in the early morning with ten faithful members of his first racing team, who joined him back in 2000.

"Watching my racing team being dismantled last year was a very painful experience," recalls Henri Pescarolo. "However, these people never gave up on me and patiently waited until I was able to hire them back. The first day of work was weird, but in a good way. Last time we were all together was more than a year ago, yet, today felt strangely normal, as if we never stopped being a team. However, this is not just 'another season'. Creating, again, a racing team means a lot of extra work. I fell like being back to my very first day as a team manager, ten years ago, except that I can rely now on my experience."

Last week was a very busy week indeed: administrative formalities, getting in touch with all the suppliers, stock listing equipment and spare parts, stripping apart the racing cars for a full check-up, new war paint for the bodywork, etc.

On this occasion, the Pescarolo website Keep an eye on the website, regular updates will be made in the near future. Source: Pescarolo PR

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