Ferrari not poaching Red Bull’s ‘spirit’ – Domenicali

(GMM) Stefano Domenicali on Wednesday scoffed at claims Ferrari is trying to poach the "spirit" of the reigning champions Red Bull team.

The energy drink-owned company's motor racing advisor Helmut Marko had made the 'spirit' claim recently after Ferrari hired Red Bull's F1 strategist Neil Martin.

"Stealing their spirit? The only spirit I know is Ferrari's because I've spent my entire career here, and our spirit is fantastic," Domenicali is quoted by Italian media.

The Italian was speaking during a press conference at the 'Wrooom' media event in the Dolomites.

He rejected the traditional assumption that Ferrari is F1's biggest spender.

"Red Bull and McLaren spend more money (than Ferrari) on the construction of the chassis," said Domenicali, explaining that those teams "buy" an engine while Ferrari builds its own.

He said the debut of adjustable rear wings this year should mean qualifying is "not as important" as in 2010, but admitted he is worried about the innovation.

"I wonder, will this system make the duels more spectacular or too predictable? At the moment I'm a bit skeptical, but I hope to be wrong," said the Ferrari team boss.

And he backed Felipe Massa to bounce back in 2011 after noticing "a different face" on the Brazilian as he tried Pirelli tires for the first time in November.

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