Designer Derek Gardner dies aged 79

Tyrell P34 6-wheel F1 car

Formula 1 car designer Derek Gardner, died in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England on Friday at the age of 79 following a long illness. Working with Ken Tyrrell, Gardner pioneered the legendary six-wheeled P34 of 1976 and 1977 as well as the World Championship-winning 003 machine of 1971.

Born in Warwick in 1931, Gardner was a keen designer of boats and microlites as well as cars and transmission systems. His F1 career began as designer for the four-wheel drive system Matra used, supplied by Ferguson Research, before building Jackie Stewart's race-winning Tyrrell 001 chassis of 1970 – which took pole position on its debut in Canada – in his own garage.

The car then evolved into the Tyrrell 003, with which Scotsman Steward clinched the second of his three World Championship titles in 1971.

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