F1600: 31 Numbers Reserved for Inaugural F1600 Season

Just two weeks after initial registration opened for the first ever F1600 Formula F Championship Series in 2011, 31 drivers have already reserved numbers for what is appearing to be a massive inaugural season grid in 2011. A number of chassis are represented on the initial list, including Van Diemen, Swift, Piper, Mondiale, Citation, Bowman and Crossle.

Sixteen registrants have listed Ford Kent power, 13 have listed Honda Fit power and two remain question marks. Chassis and engine wars will be a huge storyline as the season opens at VIR, April 8 – 10.

After VIR the F1600 tour heads north to Watkins Glen with the Grand-Am Series, June 3-5. The Series opens the month of July at Mid-Ohio, June 30-July 2. In September, it’s Lime Rock with the NASCAR Modifieds, September 16-17, and the season concludes at the highly popular Watkins Glen, October 14-16.

Series officials expect the registrations to keep flowing throughout the winter.

"This initial response certainly indicates real enthusiasm in the entrant base for this Series and we are pleasantly surprised by the numbers already registered in the two weeks since we opened registration," said F1600 Formula F Championship Series Series Managing Director Michael Rand.

"The 2011 season looks to be a very busy one for our staff between well subscribed F2000 grids for our sixth season and new large fields for F1600 Formula F," he added.

Ages run from Colin Thompson who will be 17-years-old by VIR to Bill Ehrlinger at 63.

Stay tuned to F1600Series.com for the latest news and more.

F1600 Registration List (as of December 7 2010):

2 Mike Scanlan Swift DB6Fi
3 Ric Baribeault Piper DF5 Fit
4 Bob Detrick VD RF 98K Kent
5 Colin Thompson Swift DB6 Fit
7 Matt McDonough
8 Steve Maxwell Piper Kent
11 Doug Stout Swift DB1Kent
13 Greg Rice VD RF Kent
14 Ross Devoe VD RF93 Kent
17 Dan Layton VD RF98 Fit
19 Tim Dunn Swift DB6 Fit
19 John Robinson Swift DB6 Fit
20 Mike Agnifilo Swift DB1 Kent
21 Art Foster VD RF00 Kent
21 John Butkovitch Swift DB1 Kent
22 Bill Ehrlinger DB6 Fit
31 Brian Copperthite Citation Kent
33 Len Amato VD RF04 Fit
35 Todd Bardwell Swift DB1 Fit
42 Lee Williams Mondiale M89S Kent
44 Ed Callo Bowman BC-5 Kent
63 John Grooms
66 Eric Oseth VD RF97 Fit
68 Caitlin Johnston VD RF97K Kent
71 Forrest Hull VD Kent
72 Steve Oseth Citation FF94 Fit
83 Bill Valet Swift DB6 Kent
86 Andy/Kevin Brumbaugh Crossle 35F Kent
88 Tim Kautz Fit
89 Todd McAfee Swift DB1 Kent
99 Sean Maisey Citation SF95 Fit

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