NASCAR may force Pocono to add more fencing

While applauding Pocono Raceway for its planned SAFER barrier project for its inside guard rails between the turns of the 2.5-mile track, NASCAR officials will evaluate Kasey Kahne’s accident from last Sunday and determine if any other changes are needed to the fencing.

Kahne, forced low onto the grass on the final lap of the race, swerved back up on the track where he was hit and launched in the air. His car’s wheels were on the top of the outside wall before settling back down on the track.

There is no catch fence through that portion of the track between turns 1 and 2 because there are no grandstands in that section.

“They’re working on some upgrades anyway," NASCAR Vice President of Competition Robin Pemberton said Friday at Michigan International Speedway. “Those talks are long in the works. … You look and evaluate after all of these incidents."

The accident was a rare one where a car gets T-boned, causing it to become airborne, Pemberton said.

Pocono Raceway owner Doc Mattioli has said he cannot pave the grass area because of a recent law that limits additional paving in the area to 5,000 square feet. NASCAR could ask track officials to replace the grass with gravel.

“There are a lot of different options," Pemberton said. “They’re looking at all of that and they have been. … It needs to be level more than anything first."

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